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Talk to Her

Talk to Her

Date: Feb 11 2003


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Talk to Her, the latest film from Spanish director Pedro Almodovar, recently won the Golden Globe award for best foreign picture. It’s one of the most critically acclaimed films of the year. A unique story of emotion and morality, it will make any viewer think about the true definition of love.
Migs recently saw the film – and loved it. Listen to him tell Josh why.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.




Migs:  Dude, you have to see Talk to Her. It’s, like, one of the best movies I’ve ever seen in my whole life.

Josh:  Oh, but isn’t it in Spanish man? I’m gonna have to read the subtitles.

Migs:  Well, I typically have that feeling about subtitled movies too, but now it’s like the whole thing’s changing. I mean, that movie is so visually overwhelming and stimulating that, like, it doesn’t even matter.

Josh:  Well, I guess movies are a real visual medium so, if it’s made, you know, if the pictures are beautiful and interesting then I guess the words matter a little less.

Migs:  Well also, I mean, Spanish is a beautiful language and even if you can’t understand it you still feel the rhythm and the… you know, you still get the emotion from the language.

Josh:  So, what’s the movie about? I mean, why’s it so good?

Migs:  Well, it’s weird. Basically it’s about a girl in a coma and the guys who are in love with her. I mean, it’s a very strange story, but it’s so incredibly done that, just the human emotion and the human drama… I just haven’t seen anything like it in a long time.

Josh:  The main female character’s in a coma for the whole movie?

Migs:  Yeah, pretty much. She’s just lying there, you know, not… she doesn’t even move the whole movie. But there are a few glimpses of her when she is, uh, you know, alive and walking around – and she’s definitely cute. I think her name is Leonor Watling, or something, but… and she’s one of the more beautiful women on the planet so it helps, you know.

Josh:  Well, it sounds really cool. Is it out now?

Migs:  It’s out. And the critics love it. Everybody loves it. I can’t stop thinking about it, so if you don’t see if before it leaves the theaters you’re a loser.

Josh:  I guess I will then.



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Migs definitely has strong opinions about Talk to Her. He thinks anyone who doesn’t see it is a loser. I’m not sure I would go that far, but I do agree with him that the movie is a great one. It’s probably one of the best and most beautiful black comedies ever made.
Talk to Her is an interesting story. Like Migs said, it is about a girl in a coma, but it’s also about the way men relate to women. It’s complicated. And I don’t want to give anything about it away, so I’m going to stop here. You’ll have to see the movie and figure it all out yourself!
See you at the movies!


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