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Celebrity Lessons
  • Jaleel Bunton

    TV On The Radio

    Jaleel Bunton, drummer for one of the most creative bands in music, TV On The Radio, talks about their song “Will Do” and how this phrase is used.

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  • Girl Talk

    Girl Talk

    The world’s best mash-up artist talks about how his album came out of the blue and what it means for a DJ to sample.

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  • Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

    Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

    Discover what being at a crossroads means to Layzie Bone and Flesh-n-Bone as these hip-hop stars explain their number 1 hit song, “Tha Crossroads.”

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  • Weird Al Yankovic

    Weird Al Yankovic

    The king of song parodies talks about how he grew up to become an international music and comedy star, as well as his new book for children, When I Grow Up.

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  • Bad Religion

    Bad Religion

    Greg Graffin, singer of this classic punk band, discusses the phrase against the grain and how it relates to Bad Religion’s latest album and his recent book. Greg is the first Ebaby! Celebrity English Teacher who has a PhD!

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  • E-40


    This talented rapper and frequent creator of slang discusses the work theme of his recent albums and tells stories from the day shift and night shift.

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  • Tech N9ne

    Tech N9ne

    The most successful independent rapper in the world didn’t get there by being normal. This hip-hop star talks about rapping fast and being far out.

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  • Sheryl Crow

    Sheryl Crow

    This international rock star and 9-time Grammy Award winner pauses backstage to discuss the meaning of the phrase “eye to eye,” which is also the title of a song she plays with Keith Richards on her new album.

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  • Cool Nutz

    Cool Nutz

    Hip hop fans go nuts for this talented artist. He talks about what drives him nuts about recording and being a father, while showing off his baby boy.

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  • GWAR


    Oderus, the leader of this metal band from outer space, gives a lesson on slang with the word “space” in it, such as space out and waste of space.

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  • Tété


    Platinum-selling French singer, Tété, came to the US to record his next album. He gave a lesson about using “take” as a noun during a break in the studio.

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  • The Bird and the Bee

    The Bird and the Bee

    This electronic jazz-pop duo from Los Angeles sounds like a 1950s vision of the future. Vocalist Inara George talks about the facts of life and “Love Letter To Japan,” the song that’s tearing up the Asian charts.

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  • Insane Clown Posse

    Insane Clown Posse

    Though they’ve been called the worst band ever, this horror rap duo from Detroit has the most dedicated fans on Earth. Carnival mastermind Violent J shares his thoughts on the Wild West and what it means to be have a posse.

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  • Ethan Iverson

    The Bad Plus

    An acoustic jazz trio with a rock ‘n’ roll attitude, the Bad Plus is one of the most popular jazz acts in the world, and definitely the hippest. Pianist Ethan Iverson talks about covering songs by Nirvana to teach the phrase jazz it up.

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  • PWRFL Power

    PWRFL Power

    PWRFL Power is a guitar player and singer who is getting popular in the US and Japan. In this interview, he gives a lesson on superpowers and superheroes and shares his story about coming to the US and learning English.

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  • The Hives

    The Hives

    These Swedes in white ties brought garage rock to mainstream in 2000 with their hit “Hate to Say I Told You So.” Guitarist Nicholaus Arson gives a lesson on alter egos.

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  • DOA


    Joey Keithley, the leader of Canada’s most legendary punk band, explains how to use his band’s name in conversation and talks about his upcoming Chinese tour.

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  • The Thermals

    The Thermals

    Hutch Harris, the leader of this critically acclaimed American pop punk trio, talks about the US presidential election and touring in Europe.

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  • Municipal Waste

    Municipal Waste

    Before you go to a party and try to speak English, you had better learn terms like chug, swig, shotgun, and headbang from this American thrash band that knows how to party.

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NBA Celebrity Lessons

Steve Nash

Steve Nash

This two-time MVP explains the origin of the term dime, and talks about his charity work in China. He also explains his free throw routine and the phrase and one.

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Sports Celebrity Lessons

Yani Tseng

Yani Tseng 曾雅妮 - Par and Birdie

The #1 female golfer in the world teaches the terms par and birdie and discusses growing up in Taiwan and learning English.

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