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Celebrity Lessons
  • Grant Hill

    Grant Hill

    A three-time winner of the NBA’s sportsmanship award, this basketball legend talks about what it means to have heart in different aspects of the sport.

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  • Steve Nash

    Steve Nash

    This two-time MVP explains the origin of the term dime, and talks about his charity work in China. He also explains his free throw routine and the phrase and one.

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  • Dwight Howard

    Dwight Howard

    The best big man in the NBA teaches some new shot blocking slang and talks about traveling in China. He even shows off his Mandarin skills!

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  • Ali Krieger

    Ali Krieger

    This US Women’s National Team and FFC Frankfurt star talks about how learning German was sink or swim for her, and explains the concept of distribution in soccer.

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  • Kosuke Kimura

    Kosuke Kimura

    The only Japanese player in MLS discusses how he helped the Colorado Rapids to a come from behind victory in the 2010 MLS Cup. He also demonstrates how to cut the angle.

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  • Karina LeBlanc

    Karina LeBlanc

    The goalkeeper for the Canadian Women’s National Team teaches the most important term for a goalie to know, save, and discusses the joys of saving money vs. shopping.

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  • Yani Tseng

    Yani Tseng 曾雅妮

    The #1 female golfer in the world teaches the terms par and birdie and discusses growing up in Taiwan and learning English.

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  • IK Kim

    IK Kim

    This Korean golf star takes a break from putting to share the phrase hole in one and her strategy for language learning.

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  • Beatriz Recari

    Beatriz Recari

    When she’s not on the LPGA Tour, this Spanish golfer is learning languages. She speaks 5 of them, and teaches her favorite English golf term, stinger.

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  • David Beckham

    David Beckham

    The most well-known soccer star in the world says he gets a buzz from playing in new cities, be it with the LA Galaxy or in a World Cup match. We capture the excitement of Beckham’s fans and press conference in this lesson.

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  • Bryan Jordan

    Bryan Jordan

    This young American brings a lot of energy to the LA Galaxy. He teaches the useful soccer slang man on.

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  • Aurelien Collin

    Aurelien Collin

    Look out! This French defender for Sporting KC is one of the most physical players in MLS. He talks about the term challenge on and off the soccer field, and how he tackles players and problems.

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  • Futty Danso

    Futty Danso

    This soccer star competes with the Gambian national team and the Portland Timbers. He teaches what it means for a footballer to shape up, and demonstrates the term trapping.

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  • Yi Jianlian

    Yi Jianlian

    This 7-foot Washington Wizards star is the second-most famous Chinese basketball player (after Yao Ming) and he knows what it means to put the ball on the floor.

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  • Al Horford

    Al Horford

    Grabbing boards and eating glass are just a couple of the skills of this Dominican two-time NBA All-Star.

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  • Zaza Pachulia

    Zaza Pachulia

    This Atlanta Hawks star from the nation of Georgia is one of the best-dressed players in the NBA. He shows us what he is sporting at the moment.

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  • Danny Granger

    Danny Granger

    This NBA All-Star and Indiana Pacers leader discusses international play and what it means to be a franchise player or a roll player. Oh, and he also talks about his Batcave.

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  • Juwan Howard

    Juwan Howard

    I got your back” is more than an expression to this one-time member of the famous Fab Five and current player for the Miami Heat. Learn about teamwork and basketball shorts from an NBA All-Star.

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  • Žydrūnas Ilgauskas

    Žydrūnas Ilgauskas

    Perhaps the best Lithuanian basketball player of all time, this two-time NBA All-Star talks about second chances and second-chance points as well as adoption and playing for the Miami Heat.

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  • Rip Hamilton

    Rip Hamilton

    NBA Champion and three-time All-Star Richard Hamilton talks about going to China and the speed you need to go coast to coast.

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  • Carmelo Anthony

    Carmelo Anthony

    One of the biggest superstars of the NBA talks about his new movie, his nickname, and how he mellows out.

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  • JJ Barea

    JJ Barea

    Whether he is playing in the NBA with the Dallas Mavericks, or leading the Puerto Rican national team in scoring, this basketball star has some moves. He talks about the finger roll as well as dancing.

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  • Jared Dudley

    Jared Dudley

    What does it take to have the best three-point percentage in the NBA? This Phoenix Suns star talks about how playing with Steve Nash has helped his three-ball.

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  • Rodrigue Beaubois

    Rodrigue Beaubois

    During his first year in the NBA with the Dallas Mavericks, this young Guadeloupe star made some spectacular plays. He explains how to alley-oop.

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  • Sergio Rodriguez

    Sergio Rodriguez

    This New York Knicks point guard known as Spanish Chocolate discusses his speed, quick decision making, and other skills that help him play the fast break in the NBA.

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  • Marcin Gortat

    Marcin Gortat

    The Polish Hammer of the NBA talks blocks and reveals that when he’s not playing for the Orlando Magic, his favorite hobby is learning new languages.

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  • Shen Xue

    Shen Xue

    Chinese gold medalist figure skater teams up with her husband Zhao Hongbo to show what it means to be head over heels.

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  • Zhao Hongbo

    Zhao Hongbo

    This gold medalist explains and shows what it means for a figure skater to lift.

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  • Liu Jiayu

    Liu Jiayu

    Are you goofy or regular? Who better to help you figure it out than this Chinese Olympic snowboarder.

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  • Chinese Snowboarding Team

    Chinese Snowboarding Team

    Learn what it means to drop in from Olympians Cai Xuetong, Sun Zhifeng and Liu Jiayu.

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  • Marc Gasol

    Marc Gasol

    This Spanish big man of the Memphis Grizzlies gives a lesson on what it means to play in the post in the NBA and also talks about his blog.

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  • Channing Frye

    Channing Frye

    One of the best three-point shooters in the NBA talks about the breakthrough he experienced when he joined the Phoenix Suns and how he overcame a challenge in school.

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  • Shane Battier

    Shane Battier

    This Houston Rockets leader is one of the smartest players in the NBA. He talks about what it means to work under pressure and how he got so good at buzzer beaters.

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  • Sebastien Le Toux

    Sebastien Le Toux

    MLS star, Sebastien Le Toux may be from France, but this player for Seattle Sounders FC teaches no fewer than three definitions of the term flick. Watch him talk movies and show off his soccer skills!

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  • Ticha Penicheiro

    Ticha Penicheiro

    The leader of the Sacramento Monarchs and one of the biggest names in the WNBA, this Portuguese baller explains why stealing is perfectly legal on the basketball court and why when it comes to her theiving skills, the sky’s the limit.

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  • Sasha Vujacic

    Sasha Vujacic

    The Slovenian Los Angeles Lakers star explains how to use his nickname, The Machine. He also talks about speaking Italian with Kobe and why “Pau Gasol is Pau Gasol.”

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  • Ovie Mughelli

    Ovie Mughelli

    Arguably the best fullback in the NFL, and definitely the coolest, this Atlanta Falcons star helps you learn all the football terms you’ll need for the Super Bowl and the Super Bowl of video games.

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  • Nicolas Batum

    Nicolas Batum

    This talented French rookie for the Portland Trail Blazers teaches the term slam dunk and talks about getting teased by his teammates for being from another country.

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  • Vernon Davis

    Vernon Davis

    This San Francisco 49ers star teaches the term Hail Mary and talks about the roles art and charity play in his life.

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NBA Celebrity Lessons

Steve Nash

Steve Nash

This two-time MVP explains the origin of the term dime, and talks about his charity work in China. He also explains his free throw routine and the phrase and one.

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Music Celebrity Lessons

Girl Talk

Girl Talk

The world’s best mash-up artist talks about how his album came out of the blue and what it means for a DJ to sample.

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