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  • Flat Tires Tomorrow Go Super!
  • Skydiving

    Real Life - Tuesday


    You’re standing in the open door of an airplane. The wind is blowing hard and your legs are shaking. ...

  • routine

    Slang - Monday

    routine English, baby! Video Lesson

  • Claustrophobia

    Real Life - Friday


    Try to remember the last time you were in a small elevator. Did you become short of breath? Were your hands...

  • fall through

    Slang - Thursday

    fall through

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work out

What does "work out" mean?

  • a sudden suprise or change in a story
  • could have a positive or a negative outcome
  • exercise, be physically active

Practice: work out

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  • Romance

    Twilight: Eclipse

    Movies - Tuesday

    Twilight: Eclipse

    When two guys are in love with the same girl, and the girl has to choose which guy she wants to be with, we...

  • Music

    Sheryl Crow

    Music - Monday

    Sheryl Crow

    When Sheryl Crow reached international fame in 1994 with the youthful song “All I Wanna Do,” sh...

  • Work

    Do It Yourself

    Real Life - Friday

    Do It Yourself

    We often pay people to do things for us that we could do ourselves. In fact, a lot of times people don̵...

  • Friend

    Coconut Water

    Real Life - Thursday

    Coconut Water

    Imagine you are on a tropical beach. The ocean wind blows in your face, but you’re thirsty. There is ...

  • Hobbies

    Learning an Instrument

    Music - Wednesday

    Learning an Instrument

    OK, so Mozart started composing and performing symphonies at the age of five. But we can’t all be so ...

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  • Phrasal Verbs

    Student Loans

    Student Loans

    It’s common to have anxiety over your education. After all, it takes a lot of time and effort to be a...

  • Articles, Quantifiers, and Determiners

    On the Edge of One's Seat

    On the Edge of One's Seat English, baby! Video Lesson

    Have you ever been so excited about something that you literally can’t sit down? Do scary movies make you a...

  • First Conditional

    Traditional Music

    Traditional Music

    Thanks to the Internet, anyone can hear music from anywhere at any time now. But for most people, there is ...

  • Be Able To

    A Falling Out

    A Falling Out English, baby! Video Lesson

    A couple can break up, but if friends have a disagreement and want to stop being friends, they have a falli...

  • Gerunds vs. Infinitives



    Have you seen “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?” It’s a famous Disney movie from 1937. In...

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  • English Skills - Fluency - Reciting


    English Skills - Fluency - Reciting

    What I like most about the English language is its size and subtlety. However these qualities are also why many find it difficult to achieve flue...

  • Learn English Online

    Conversational English

    Learn English Online

    Learn English Online with teacher Bienne.I handle Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Level students.I teach Listening comprehension, conversation,...

  • how much some one could bee puzzled

    Idioms and Slang

    how much some one could bee puzzled

    when some one wants to explain about the knoWledge of someone about somthing that is too little would use this: "(someone) + dont(doesnt) know , a...




    HOW TO WRITE A COMMENTORY OF A POEM (in the form of the essay)              &nb...

  • East or West, home is best

    Idioms and Slang

    East or West, home is best

    "The grass isn`s always greener on the other side", they say. What do they mean? Is the saying about a ...

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    Cruises sound pretty fun in theory. You sail around ...

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    Hey gang! The very best way to learn English is to ...

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    The Hangover

    After a night of heavy drinking, you might wake up w...

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    You're standing in the open door of an airplane. The...

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    You're standing in the open door of an airplane. The...

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    You're cruising down the freeway when suddenly you s...

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    What does "following" mean?

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    What does "hilarious" mean?

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