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Ebaby! at the Olympics!

Olympic Stadium

Ebaby! went to Beijing, China, for the 2008 Olympics! We visited members, made fun videos, and taught English to everyone!

Chinese Food Fun 2

You can pretty much take anything and deep fry it in hot oil and it will taste good. Bugs are the last thing you want in your house, so why would you want them in your belly? Well, Captain Jeff says that deep fried centipede is the bomb, or the best thing ever.

Then Jason, John and Jeff all grub on some scorpion. Would you ever eat a scorpion? Here's a tip. If you give it a shot, be prepared to chew for a very long time.





hah~ fun

01:04 PM Jan 12 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I think its terrible…..........I never want to taste the foods like that….

08:31 AM Jan 21 2013 |

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