the early bird catches the worm

"the early bird catches the worm"

Jan 21 2021


“It is really early right now, and I am ready for my day. This is great because the early bird catches the worm.”

—Ebaby!’s Dominique, speaking about waking up early


people who wake up early get good things


Dominique is up early, and she is ready to go. Today, she is the early bird, and she hopes to catch her worm by being awake early. For her, this means that she will be able to quickly buy her coffee, and she will get her favorite donut before someone else buys it. Then, she’ll easily get to work on time.

Some of us are natural early birds. Because the early bird catches the worm, these people often get what they want in the morning before other people are awake. Of course, some of us do not want to wake up early and don’t care if we catch a worm or not. Are you an early bird? How easy is it for you to wake up before other people?

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“I’ll be awake at 5:30 because the early bird catches the worm.”

“You know, the early bird catches the worm. You should really try waking up before noon.”

“Mike is such an early bird. Do you think he always catches his worm?”

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