Jun 04 2020


“All of a sudden, he stopped replying to my text messages. I mean, he’s not replying to emails, not picking up the phone when I call him. I’m just, like, did he ghost me? Have I been ghosted?”

—Ebaby!’s Dominique, speaking about being ignored


ignore a person; stop talking to someone; refuse to reply to messages


There is a really nice, cute guy, who Dominique was dating. But suddenly, he stopped talking to her. She tried to call him, text him, and email him, but he ignored all of this! Dominique has been ghosted by him.

When you decide to stop seeing someone, it might feel like the easiest thing is to just stop communicating. It might be easy for you, but it feels horrible when you are the other person. Did you ever ghost anyone? How does it feel when you are ignored?

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“I thought Sam and I had a good relationship, but now, he’s ghosting me.”

“Don’t ghost Mike. He’s a good guy. Just tell him you don’t want to date him.”

“Mom, you didn’t answer any of my text messages! Are you ghosting me?”

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