May 20 2019


“I just booked a sweet deal on my hotel, FTW.”

—Ebaby!’s Andy, speaking about getting a great price on his hotel room


for the win; used when one is happy about getting or doing something great


Andy is on vacation, and he wants everyone to know that he got a really good price on his hotel. This makes him say, “FTW!” He is happy and proud that he got such a great deal.

FTW is an abbreviation meaning for the win. You can say these three letters when you do or get something amazing. It’s like winning a big prize! When did you last do something FTW? Do you often get good deals?

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“FTW, I just won $100!”

“Mike used a buy-one-get-one-free coupon for his dinner date. FTW!”

“I finished my homework, cleaned my room, and did my exercise, FTW!”

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