Rubber Boots

Rubber Boots

Feb 26 2020


Have you seen little kids splashing through puddles in the middle of a rainstorm? They jump into one puddle, then into the next. They’re having fun, but they’re getting really wet!

When you’re an adult, it’s not as fun to be outside during a deluge. You’d rather be inside where it’s warm and dry. If you do have to go somewhere when it’s nasty outside, you probably have a sturdy pair of rubber boots to get you where you want to go.

Although rubber boots might not look very fashionable, they’re definitely not a fashion faux pas when you’re outside in the rain. They’re waterproof, and that’s all that matters.

Learn who loves rubber boots in this English lesson about footwear.


Marni: Rafael, the weather is so nasty. I am so grateful I remembered my rubber boots.
Rafael: I looked right at them when you came in because, to be honest, they’re not my favorite boots of yours that you’ve worn. I feel like rubber boots are actually a little bit ugly sometimes. Can I just be blunt with you?
Marni: Well, they’re very practical. I mean, it is a deluge out there. It’s just a total downpour, and, in that case, I’m happy to have rubber boots on because they keep my feet dry.
Rafael: I’m just telling you as a friend, it’s a fashion faux pas.
Marni: I disagree. I think rubber boots have become quite fashionable. And I think they’re incredibly sturdy. And I love wearing them.
Rafael: Well, clearly you don’t know too much about footwear because you’d know there are other waterproof options.
Marni: Such as?
Rafael: Well, I’m no expert, OK?
Marni: Exactly, because rubber boots are the only way to go.
Rafael: You’re right, Marni. I’m sorry. I’m in a weird mood today.
Marni: I guess so.


Marni tells Rafael she’s very happy that she wore her rubber boots today. It’s raining really hard outside, but her feet are still totally dry.

Rafael lets Marni know that he noticed her boots, too, but not for a good reason. He’s pretty blunt and points out that Marni’s boots are ugly. He thinks rubber boots are definitely a fashion faux pas. In his opinion, Marni should find another kind of waterproof shoe to wear when it’s wet.

Marni disagrees. She thinks that rubber boots are wonderful, sturdy footwear. In fact, she loves wearing her rubber boots. She asks Rafael what other kind of shoe would keep her feet dry, but he doesn’t know.

Do people wear rubber boots where you live? Is it OK to wear ugly shoes if they are practical?

Grammar Point


Rafael tells Marni that rubber boots are ugly. Marni says they are practical. And, of course, it’s true that rubber boots are waterproof. Rafael and Marni use many adjectives to talk about rubber boots.

Adjectives are words that describe nouns and pronouns, for example, pretty, happy, ugly, or smart. Adjectives usually come before the noun, as in, “That was a silly game!”

Sometimes, adjectives follow a verb, like in the sentence, “Your baby is very cute.” But in this case, the adjective still modifies the subject of the sentence (your baby), not the verb (is).

Remember, unlike in some other languages, adjectives have only one form in English. They don’t have a singular and plural form, or a masculine and feminine form. For instance, you wouldn’t say, “Those girls are beautifuls.” Even though there is more than one girl, you’d still say, “Those girls are beautiful.” Adjectives look the same no matter what noun they describe.

What do you think about rubber boots? Use an adjective to describe them.


  1. What does Marni like about her rubber boots?

  2. How does Rafael describe Marni’s boots?

  3. Which item is not waterproof?

  4. Which word is not an adjective?

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