Apr 01 2020


Picture this: your dream wedding! What does it look like? Some people would like to go all out, with thousands of flowers, a huge cake, and a lot of guests. Other people have a more unconventional approach. They might have a small wedding on top of a mountain or get married underwater. They might even have an unusual theme like Star Wars or Harry Potter. Weddings are amazing, but they are definitely not all the same!

Weddings can also be stressful. It can be difficult to plan such a big event and even more difficult to pay for it. Some couples even go into debt. However, most people agree that the cost is worth it for such a beautiful event.

Kelsey and Andy are talking about weddings. Listen and find out what they think.


Kelsey: Andy, my best friend’s getting married in a few months.

Andy_H:  Oh, hey, congratulations to your best friend.

Kelsey:  Yeah, she’s doing an extravagant wedding with a bohemian theme. I’m really excited for it.

Andy_H:  Here we go…

Kelsey:  What is that supposed to mean?

Andy_H:  Oh, I didn’t mean any offense. I just think that, sometimes, weddings can be way too expensive. I mean, with all the debt that you put yourself into… and when you look at the fee at the end of the wedding, it seems like, maybe, people should ask themselves why they’re getting married.

Kelsey:  Well, I think that it’s way better to go the traditional route. People have been getting married for years, and it’s such a special occasion. You have to go all out!

Andy_H:  But when you think about how much fun you can have at an unconventional wedding… I saw this really cool couple that was getting married in Japan, and they had a bunch of their wedding pictures taken as if Godzilla was attacking them. And it looked like a lot of fun!

Kelsey:  Well, that’s great for you, but I think it’s really special if it’s a very extravagant, wonderful event. I don’t think you should put a price on it.

Andy_H:  Maybe, I shouldn’t. And let’s just say, thank God I’m not having to think about that one anytime soon!


Kelsey tells Andy that her best friend is getting married this summer. She is excited, but Andy sounds a little less thrilled! Kelsey asks him what he means, and Andy says that he feels like, sometimes, weddings can be too expensive. He thinks people should stop and ask themselves why they are getting married before they spend all that money. He also likes the idea of unconventional weddings. He saw a couple that had a Godzilla-themed wedding, and he thought it was really cool.

Kelsey doesn’t agree with Andy about unconventional weddings. She thinks that weddings should be traditional, beautiful, and fancy. It is such an important event, so it needs to be done the right way. Andy thinks she might be right… but he is glad he doesn’t have to think about weddings anytime soon!

What are weddings like in your country? Do you know anyone who is getting married this summer?

Grammar Point

Zero Conditional

Kelsey likes fancy weddings. She says, “I think it’s really special if it’s a very extravagant, wonderful event.” She uses the zero conditional.

The zero conditional is used to talk about general truths, or things that are almost always true under certain conditions. For example, it’s pretty much always true that if it rains, stuff gets wet.

Zero conditional is easy to form because all the verbs are in present tense. You just use two clauses, one with If + simple present verb and the other with another simple present verb, as in, “If students miss an exam, the professor fails them.” Or you can reverse the order of the clauses. You can say, “The professor fails students if they miss an exam.”

Finally, this form can also be used for giving instructions about what to do under certain conditions. For example, “If I’m late for dinner, start eating without me.”

Although Kelsey is not talking about a general truth, she still uses the zero conditional. This is because she is giving her opinion. In Kelsey’s opinion, a wedding is more special if it is a fancy, extravagant event. Therefore, the sentence still expresses something that is true to Kelsey.

Which sentence uses the zero conditional correctly, “I only go to weddings if I am invited,” or, “I am invited, so I go to weddings”?


  1. Kelsey’s friend will have a __ theme for her wedding.

  2. Andy saw the wedding of a couple who got married in __.

  3. A theme is __.

  4. Which sentence uses the zero conditional?

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