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What does "mesmerizing" mean?

Vocabulary Word: mesmerizing

1. Definition (adj.) amazing, interesting, hypnotizing, causing one to pay attention

Examples I saw a mesmerizing magician this weekend. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him.

Examples That painting is mesmerizing. I can’t stop studying all the different colors in it.

Examples .

Examples Oh, my gosh! Greg is so mesmerizing and handsome. I wish he would ask me out.

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La Princesse de la vie


The show was totally mesmerizing that I was on the edge of the seat all along the show..

Her singing was spellbinding. I never believed she could sing such beautifully!

Sara was altogether intrigued by movie. 

His words were hypnotizing, she even agreed to everything he told her although she wasn’t intending to!

02:12 PM Apr 14 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of


Such a bad experience Olya!:(

But hypnotizing is a science and some doctors use that for its benefits like some surgeries and mental problems!

Thanks for your explanation!

Then a person can make us mesmerize by his/hers beauty too!;-)

05:23 AM Jan 11 2013 |




Mahtab, I think when you’re mesmerized, you like it so much that you don’t notice anything around, sit motionless, listen all ears – you like so much that don’t notice who the time has gone. Like a movie, for example. You’re mesmerized by the movie.

To be  hypnitized is a little bit different. Like I was once, by a person. I wasn’t interested, but the energy got me and I was following a person to every corner and that was in my house! When I the spell was gone, I couldn’t find the money that openly were put on the shelf. A good lesson for me. Some people are susceptible to be hypnotized, some are not. I belong to the first ones, unfortunately.

11:15 PM Jan 10 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Whats the difference between “mesmerizing” and “hypnotizing” ?

Is “mesmerizing” is tricky and “hypnotizing” is not?!

07:11 PM Jan 08 2013 |

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