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What does "go with" mean?

Vocabulary Word: go with

1. Definition (v.) choose

Examples I think I’m going to go with the red dress. I like the blue one, but I think I look better in red.

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2. Definition (v.) choose; decide on

Examples I like all of these shirts, but I think I’ll go with the gray one tonight.

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3. Definition (v.) match; combine well

Examples I don’t think that shirt goes with those pants you’re wearing.

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La Princesse de la vie


No matter what, always go with the right side even if it’s against someone you love, it’s about honesty.

11:34 AM Apr 13 2015 |





05:04 PM Aug 28 2013 |

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Saudi Arabia

I have a pants but till now i didn’t find a t-shirt goes with the pante.
Is it right sentence?

06:54 AM Aug 28 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

when you want to go with (2d or 3d meaning) the color of your clothes, you have plenty of choices. however, some of these colors go with (first meaning) each other more, it’s useful to know about them, we have 3 main colors: RED,BLUE,YELLOW any of these color goes with combination of the other two colors, for example, combination of red and yellow is orange and the rest color is blue, so blue goes with orange, it’s a general rule in painting, it’s my own exprience:

white ~ every colors especially red, black, blue, orange/gray ~ orange and black/blue ~ orange or dark yellow/ green ~red or orange/ purple ~ yellow and so on

03:49 PM Apr 13 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

u can go with your sister to the party:)

01:17 PM Jan 10 2013 |

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