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What does "pop star" mean?

Vocabulary Word: pop star

1. Definition (n.) popular person, person who is known by millions of people in the world; person who is on TV and in magazines regularly

Examples Justin Timberlake is one of the biggest pop stars in the world right now.

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2. Definition (n.) popular singer/dancer

Examples Do you think pop stars should be paid millions of dollars?

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I m defintely not a fashionist,but the peson who is most popular in the world ,i would be know him or her,bucase i can know him/her anywhere ,from advertisement ,magazine,and TV showing,you can not prevent because many infos was around you,fill your ears and eyes,i like china kungfu stars,like jet lee,bruce lee and jack chen,also i know many pop stars from hollywood,but i m not crazy about it,but many person of my friends,u know ,very crazily,for see the pop star one time,they don’t care how much the will be paying for,also don’t care how far about it ,seems they have a lot of energy on this for chasing pop stars,never know fatigue,as for me ,i can’t keep up with them.just for fun and just for entertrament.

08:56 AM Sep 16 2011 |




it is famous singer that is usually perform a pop music.

03:55 AM Sep 16 2011 |

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