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What does "show off" mean?

Vocabulary Word: show off

1. Definition (v.) display; let people see

Examples She loves to show off her cooking. She is a great cook.

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2. Definition (v.) bring attention to oneself; display one’s advantages

Examples Maria is very talented and beautiful, but she doesn’t show off. She’s modest.

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I need to show off my capability to everyone to increase my self confidence

04:46 AM Nov 21 2023 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Many people on Instagram like to show off every part of their lives to prove how much they are happy and great. Most of them dont show the reality 😀

12:25 PM Jan 20 2019 |



Many people do not want to show off their knowledge as they are beautiful to learn more things.On the other hand some people do now know anything but they want to show off many things.The dissertationsguru is helping them know about the use of this word in the appropriate place and in the right meaning of this word.

07:04 AM Oct 07 2016 |

La Princesse de la vie


I know she’s got a lot of talents, but she’s just shy to show them off.

11:58 AM Apr 12 2015 |




Well i have a friend she shows off,well but i like her i think so well i dont think being good enough for her the suck i am

08:05 PM Feb 09 2014 |

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i love to show off my cooking. yesterday was the dragon boat festival, i made many “zongzi”, then gave them to my friends and relative as the presents.

02:24 AM Jun 24 2012 |

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