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What does "step up" mean?

Vocabulary Word: step up

1. Definition (v.) be responsible, do one’s best

Examples When my mom died, my dad really stepped up and took care of everything.

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2. Definition (v.) do one’s best, perform to the best of one’s abilities, work hard

Examples “Jeff, if you want to win this match you have to step up. You can’t be lazy.”

Examples “Michael Jordan was a great basketball player because he always stepped up his game when he needed to.”

Examples “If you don’t step it up, you’re going to fail this class. You’re not working hard enough.”

Examples “My brother has always been successful because he knows how to step up when it’s important.”

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3. Definition (v.) offer to do something

Examples The teacher asked for a volunteer and Mary stepped up and said she would do it.

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La Princesse de la vie


It’s time to step up and take the wheel.

12:15 PM Apr 10 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I think we have stepped up (V) for the life in this world, so we should step it up (exp) to higher levels in the next world :)

09:30 PM May 04 2013 |




If you want to realize your dreams, step up!

10:06 AM Apr 30 2013 |

Libyan spirit

Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

I always try to step up my choices

01:19 PM Feb 16 2013 |

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