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What does "dread" mean?

Vocabulary Word: dread

1. Definition (v.) not look forward to something

Examples I dread meetings with Sue. She talks so much and nothing gets done!

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United States

When we feard from any thing its mean we dread from this kind of thing. There is many little and many more things which are helping us and telling the best kind of topamericanwriters writing services reviews. Which is good for us and also good for to live our life in best way.

03:29 AM Dec 06 2017 |



The BC climber had attacked by Grazzly Bear when he was climbing on big Icey rock in part of British Clumbia . He said to reporter : I never ever dread to climb at the winter time .
The only reason why is that the Grazzly was herbinated in his den .

06:10 AM Dec 05 2015 |

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