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What does "sucks" mean?

Vocabulary Word: sucks

1. Definition (v.) uses

Examples It’s hard to hang out with him because he sucks so much energy out of me.

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2. Definition (expr.) bad; no good; a drag

Examples This beach sucks. There isn’t any sand and the water is so dirty!

Examples I don’t want to see that movie. My friend said it sucks.

Examples Don’t ask me to play soccer with you. I suck at running!

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Virgin Islands, British

I don’t fancy eatting this meal,because of it sucks…

10:16 AM Jun 02 2017 |



It sucks to be you!

12:26 PM Nov 16 2013 |

abdullah paki


can i know the exact meaning of suck pls ?

08:50 AM Jul 01 2013 |

zhaleh hoor

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I don’t like go to that restaurant, it sucks.

08:23 AM Jun 27 2013 |

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