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What does "screw up" mean?

Vocabulary Word: screw up

1. Definition (v.) cause harm or injury to something; make a mistake

Examples I’m always afraid I’m going to screw up and hurt myself when I’m skateboarding.

Examples Sarah was scared to ride her bike because she didn’t want to screw up her leg.

Examples If I don’t follow the recipe carefully, I will screw up the taste of this dish.

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Antigua and Barbuda

People spend lot of money in getting perfection in English language as this one is require for good and perfect knowledge. The value of things seen by act of such work. The demand for paper writing services is increasing on daily basis.

09:50 AM Aug 22 2017 |


ola3Super Member!


Americans didn’t screw up in the election and picked Donald Trump! Respect. What it means? It means Americans has got guts to pick the right person! 

01:28 PM Nov 09 2016 |



Bosnia and Herzegovina

I screw up now

03:52 PM May 08 2015 |


TreeKSuper Member!


I always screw up when I did my homework late

04:49 PM Feb 19 2013 |

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