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What does "look up to" mean?

Vocabulary Word: look up to

1. Definition (expr.) admire somebody; want to be like a person

Examples I look up to my older brother because he is kind and successful.

Examples They all looked up to their boss because he treated his employees fairly and respectfully.

Examples Janet looks up to her mom because of how much volunteer work she does in the community.

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United States

I don’t know some word’s meanings. I have taken the resume pro writers to create my resume because of less knowledge in writing. I have known many words meanings here.

11:00 AM Jan 30 2018 |



Virgin Islands, British

I look up to my friend,he’s such a sharp boy…

10:43 AM Jun 02 2017 |




i look up to my Daddy. he´s my hero.

01:30 PM Feb 18 2017 |

Fathima Husna

United Arab Emirates

I look up to my class teacher , becouse she was vary kind , honest and humble.

06:30 AM Oct 21 2015 |

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