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December 21, 2007

  1. In this world the most faraway distance, not is living with die of distance, is not is each for a day a square, but I stand on your in front, but you don't know I love you.
  2. Deep feeling is the heavy load that I can not bear, the sweet prattle is just the lies which cashes by chance.
  3. I love you, for the sake of your happiness, I would like to give up everything, including you.
  4. Disappointing is sometimes also a kind of happiness, because of having expectation so would disappoint.There is love, would there is expectation, so, even if disappoint, is also a kind of happiness, although this kind of is happy to have a little a pain.
  5. In this world most the 
  6. Miserable distance is two personal original distance very far, don't acquaint with with each other, suddenly and one day, they acquaint with, loving each other, being apart from to become very near. Then no longer loved each other one day, originally very near of two people, become very far, even farer than the past.
  7. The love makes the person forget time, time also makes the person forget love.
  8. Loneliness is not with living to accompany, but is fallen in love with that a moment beginning of a person by you.
  9. Two people together is for the sake of happiness, break up is for easing pain and sufferings, you can't make again I am happy, I also leave only, at the time that I left, also painful, just, you affirmative compared me pain and sufferings, because I say first again see, pursue a happiness first of I.
  10. The dog will not lose, because it will not remember fondly.The person will lose, because he remembers fondly other people.The person is always remembered fondly molestation, doing the stray dog of[with] a head of wretchedness in remember fondly.
  11. The all things all has price, the happy price would is pain and sufferings.
  12. Time of starting, we know, the head quarter contain end.
  13. The love hasn't come yet, the day is carefree;The most painful of, also however is test and examination.Felt at that time very big pressure, returned to hope afterwards, however was a what minuteness.
  14. Some people's destining is to wait for other people, some people's aring to destine is waited by the person.
  15. The origin good luck puts out, the good luck's thick good luck is thin, isn't what we can control.We can make of, is a time in opportunity chance meeting to cherish that brief time thoroughly.
  16. Once met, the total mightier than had never met.
  17. Why want to forget a person so and painfully, time nature will make you forget.If time can't let the person whom you forget and shouldn't remember, we lose of the years has again what meaning?
  18. I think the love can overcome everything, who know she sometimes has no strength.I think the love can fill with the regret of life, however, make more regrets of, but it happened that is a love.The cloudy or sunny circle lacks, repeating continuously in a love.Change a person, all know nothing about the color of the sky often blue.
  19. The love wants to end of the time ends from the meeting, when the time comes, you don't want to draw to also doesn't go up the period.
  20. Pursuing with desire, just having a happiness also is upset and disappoints.Pass by upset with disappointment, our ability and learning will cherish.You once weren't loved by the person, you woulded cherish future the person who loves you.

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