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Paul Inzaghi


          The Reasons Why People attend College or University

    In China, with the modern education being widespread among the common citizens,more and more youngsters from different economic income families have access to enter college or university. Some from the relatively well-off families regard campus life as enjoyment and need not worry about their spending on tuition and other material expense.While, the other part from country or from families below the basic life standard may find finishing the total four-year education quite tough. So, they have to do some part-time jobs to support their education ,and at the same time, have less fun on campus.

    But  I doubt whether it is necessity that every youngster should pursue further education. I consider , even if I have not gone to university, I should still breathe, enjoy the food I am eating, gain much knowledge no less than do I now.

    Why, however ,are they  so eager to enter university,that they donot concern whether their family and theirself are able to achieve it? It can rest on the social consciousness that if you graduate from a famous university, no matter what, you will

be guaranteed to own a successful life, a family with limitless happiness, and admiration from neighbours,or at lest a better chance to obtain a senior position than

those people who have not entered university.

    A lot of other attitudes attribute  the eagerness to the desire to accumulate knowledge  and skills for existence in this society filled with severe competition and to get known friends, who therefore will be one part of your social network which maybe help you in your future career. In addition, it seem likely that way , you find your most honest friends and your life partner on campus, for most people believe that the relationships built before you walk into the society  are more reliable. 

    It is probably true. entering university is at least kind of a protection against falling

out from the society.





05:32 AM Jan 21 2008 |

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Paul Inzaghi


     If there is any mistake, tell me where and correct it.

     Thank you very much. 

05:34 AM Jan 21 2008 |