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How can quickly learn English !



Hey everybody,How can quickly learn English? Very grateful~

The user name is my email address!

I am also very happy to talk with you.

08:53 AM Jan 22 2008 |

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There is no easy way to study English.But there do have some methods to makes it a little easier.

09:21 AM Jan 22 2008 |




Months, if you live in an English speaking country.
Otherwise it depends on you,
- READ a lot (English books, newspapers and magazines);
- LISTEN a lot (to songs, radio shows, watch TV shows, movies etc);
- SPEAK a lot (with native speakers, any chance you get);
- WRITE a lot (get a penpal or keep a diary in English);
You can use the Internet for all of these.
- Visit an English speaking country.

09:37 AM Jan 22 2008 |




It can be a bit frustrating at some point, but actually there are so many fun ways to do all this.

09:47 AM Jan 22 2008 |



Everything you do a lot  then you will find that it's really an awful thing.Maybe a new way should be better.

09:53 AM Jan 22 2008 |




you have mentioned that there are some methods to makes it a little easier.

Please share what are those? may be useful for us.




10:06 AM Jan 22 2008 |



i learn with english 900

01:38 PM Jan 22 2008 |



Reading, listening, watching and acquiring are the best method to learn English.


READING- reading books written in English would help you a lot. Reading may improve your sense of seeing and thinking. IF you find the word difficult to be read and you also want to know its meaning then consult a dictionary. Then, take note of some words you found to be deep, unclear and the like. Constant reading of English books and consulting of dictionary would really give you a big improvement.


LISTENING- next to the vital method is listening. In listening, the sense of hearing is being utilized. Hearing uncommon English words may confuse you, hence, apply both reading and listening then. Consult the dictionary and find the word you heard. Another thing in hearing is that you will learn the right enunciation and pronunciation of different words.


WATCHING- watching English movies and programs would also help you learn the language. In watching, both eyes and ears are being used. Just do what you did in reading and listening, but in this case, you'll do both simultaneuosly.


ACQUIRING- one way of learning it is to practice it and one way of practicing it is to speak it. Once you learn the basic of English, try to speak it little by little. Speak it everyday as much as possible but make it sure you would do it with a partner or two. And lastly, be confident that you can make it. DOn't be too conscious of your grammar, just continue and continue until you learn!


That's the cheapest method I can share. I do hope you'd learn a lot! 

01:54 PM Jan 22 2008 |


United Kingdom

There are several of ways for the same, but first start read, write listen only English….Just go through recommended books, it can help you more. New english file elementary can help you to get perfect at any level.

 Thanks and regards


01:15 PM Jan 10 2011 |