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Are you having diffculty in English?



English is one of the major languages used in different parts of the world. It's a dominant language widely used in different fields of studies such as linguistic, science, mathematics, history, aviation, technology and so on.


Source: History of the English Language

English is an Anglo-Frisian language. Germanic-speaking peoples from northwest Germany (Saxons and Angles) and Jutland (Jutes) invaded what is now known as Eastern England around the fifth century AD. It is a matter of debate whether the Old English language spread by displacement of the original population, or the native Celts gradually adopted the language and culture of a new ruling class, or a combination of both of these processes (see Sub-Roman Britain).


There are many people who are specializing in English language. They are the ones studying it and then teach what they got to other people. English has been very common in all parts of the world especially when foreigners step their feet on an unfamiliar country. Through this language [English], people can communicate although they are of different race, belief, language, and the like. Nonnative people speaking this language [English] are mostly the ones who have their education. The language they are speaking is what we call ESL or English as Second Language. This means that English is not their major language but considered to be vernacular because it is commonly used the same as that of the native language.  But, as I have said, there are a lot of people who can speak English but not totally correct. They tend to commit mistakes in grammar, pronunciation, and diction. Hence, language anxiety emerges.


Source: http://www.vccaedu.org/inquiry/inquiry-spring2003/i-81-worde.html

Language anxiety is experienced by learners of both foreign and second language and poses potential problems "because it can interfere with the acquisition, retention and production of the new language"


Nonetheless, there are certain sites and references that help people to be fluent in English. www.EnglishBaby.com is one of the examples.Through this site, people having difficulty in English can learn it little by little until hey finally made it to the top through the help of the subscribers themselves. There are some who subscribed to teach and to help other people.


I think I better stop my speech here. I do hope I have given you some information that would help you understand some points about English language. If you have difficulties, don't bother to drop by on my profile and ask me whatever it is and I will give my best to answer your questions. BUT, it is better to just post it here so that other people may be informed. CIAO

01:35 PM Jan 22 2008 |

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yes i am, i am dificult to write english in grammar correct form, like : is it corret

08:33 AM Oct 01 2012 |