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what's the difference with men"s love and women"s love

cat m

cat m


In my eyes ,the men"s love is all about sexy,they always put SEX on the NO.1.but the women"s love is use her feeling for love.

Do you agree ?If you don"t.Please tell me why?


10:35 AM Jan 30 2008 |

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United States

I believe that sometimes love is all about sex to some men. But not when a man is truly in love. True love would be different to them.

07:45 PM Mar 22 2008 |




i don't agree

becuse for me love first and second sex


11:13 PM Mar 26 2008 |




Well not to all men is sex the number one acquisition, of course there is always a hint under our noses about it.But, you have to take into account about the women insinuations and if you are in our shoes you will know and understand about our thoughts. I also think that sex is a lovely thing to do when feelings are in it, and when your sex is directed to satisfy your couple, but adrenaline in us is too much. There are a lot of things we could be talking about and everyone has its own ideas. The real thing is . Do you do it for pleasure or by getting to fulfill a goal? There is where you have to focus on, if you are only interested about sex well ,go ahead. But if you are interested in a serious relationship you will have to select the one that accomplish your expectations.  

07:49 PM Feb 24 2009 |