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I am an english speaking native, and I have noticed that I use a lot of old expressions that don't make any sense to my ESL friends. 


Write down any english expressions you know and what they mean.  Or, if you've heard an english expression that you don't understand, write it here!


"Hind site is twenty-twenty"  – Hind is short for behind, or, in this case, the past.  And perfect vision is 20/20.  So, this means, when you are looking back on the past, you can clearly see what you should have done.  People use it when someone is regretting doing something.  You tell them this to comfort them, because we can all see what we should have done after we have made a decision, but it is not so easy at the time when the decision needs to be made!


"You catch more flies" – This is short for another old expression, which is "You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar".  This means that you will have more success with people by being nice to them.


09:09 PM Aug 28 2008 |

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I don't think I've ever heard that, not as an expression anyway.  I've heard Safe and Dry.  If it means the same thing, then it basically just means you are unscathed.  I think it comes from storms, like you didn't get wet in the storm, so you're dry.  If nothing happened and everything is ok, you're dry.

03:04 PM Sep 04 2008 |



thank you dreamkatch, indeed  Safe and Dry sounds better…


Home and dry is the title of "pet shop boys" band's song.

Has anyone listened to it?


Anyway, as  I'm here….can you explain me the difference between story and history?

04:01 AM Sep 05 2008 |