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Are you confident with your English?



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If you feel confident with your English speaking share how you gained your confidence.

If you are not confident explain why, what are some of your fears?

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07:19 PM Dec 24 2018 |

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Russian Federation

Not really..to be honest i think my english is not okay because i feel shy when i’m speaking in english

03:14 PM Dec 27 2018 |



I wouldn’t say so. I have been reading englisch books for 10 years and I have no problems to read and understand Englisch. But I always get nervous when I have to speak or to write Englisch.

11:02 AM Dec 28 2018 |



I’m a new member of ebaby…. I’m not sure what will happen next. 

11:06 AM Dec 28 2018 |




Yes, I am confident with English. The reason behind this is I always read English newspaper and books, novels. Listen to music, watch movies, news channel, series all the things in English because all this increases vocabulary and grammar which can make your English strong. A big thing I did is I always speak in English and I would suggest alway speak in English in public space weather it is good or bad. this all the things make you more confident while speaking.

10:21 AM Jan 14 2019 |



One great thing I did is that I always speak in English, and I’d always suggest it’s good or bad in public space. This makes you trusted all of these things while you talk.

05:21 AM Aug 20 2021 |