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What is a sin?



Is eating meat is sin or taking alcohol a sin? Taking non vegetarian food is not a sin in Islam I here but consuming alcohol is. In Hindu religion both the acts are considered to be sin! So do we define what constitutes a sin? Can conventional religions be a parameter to define sin? But I feel only one religion can decide it and that is the religion of humanity.

Exploitation, mental or physical, of another human being (or any living being?) Can definitely defined as a sin. But nobody would like this definition because by nature of the religions we follow we are all exploitative by nature. When we try to force upon our ideas of (our) religion on another person, it is exploitation of the human mind and intellect. Why can’t we leave other human beings Free to follow their own religion ( or no religion) and believe in their own God?

07:57 AM Jan 16 2008 |

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Hello dhaumya, 

This is the reason why we were given   free  choice what religion to embrace. Coz in my religion as Roman Catholic, a sin is an offense against God…oppose to what you believed and faith. Each religions has the do's and dont's..have its own rules or guides to follow..so it depends on what religion you are belong to. We should respect others for having their own choice of religion…thats where their faith is. But to think of these things…religious or not, a Mormon, a Hindu, an Islam, a Muslim…it doesn't matter i guess…coz its your conscience or your guilt that leads you to know what is right or wrong. When you do things deliberately and intentionally even if you knew it is wrong..then thats a sin. 

01:09 PM Jan 16 2008 |



Yes Ma'am you are very right when you say your conscience, but the problem is that 90% of us don't listen to our conscience, and try to derive our own meanings to the religious teachings by the prophets!!

03:04 PM Jan 16 2008 |



Hi,people don't seem to have any answers to this!

06:57 AM Jan 17 2008 |





 May be i can't understand your temper, because we live in different region. These two things you mention above are my kind of my diet. But i never think about religion ,as i am a non-religion, and my country is too.

  But my attitude is do everyting what you like, which is under local law. 

07:33 AM Jan 17 2008 |



Sin is an evil power that plays with human hopes and desire.

You can take it this way..

As you have told that drinking Alcohols is a sin. I buy that point yes, that is sin.

Do you ever think what cause us to do that?(to drink Alcohol)

It 's the same human Desire. We desire for drink, as water is the purest and most suitable forms of drink for human being but when the Evil power i.e. sin regain upon us it turns that good desire into destruction for us. Which result in Alcoholism, and other form of sinful and wrong activities.

 Though nobody in this world want to enters into any evil act or do anything that harms other but they do it the other way round. Means they perform sinful act without its inner consent. And that create a frustration in them, they become depressed, sad and some even time kill them selves.

Do you know why it's all because of that sin!

And there is one solution to this problem i.e. control your desire. You can easily judge what is good and what is bad for you. But main difficulties came in your ways when you are going to implements in your life. so it's better stay away from those thing. 

08:44 PM Apr 24 2009 |