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what do u work and do u like ur job?



i'm an accountant.i like the profession a little.as known,accountant is very busying at the end of month and year,have to do many excel and financial analysis,but financial job is very important for the company.

do u like ur job?

12:55 AM Jan 19 2008 |

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I am a teacher and I love my job. I never seem to feel tired of teaching. Nothing gives me more pleasure than being with my students, sharing my knowledge with them. If you put yourself whole-heartedly in what you do then you will never, ever feel bored. You will always feel happy, knowing that you have given your best.

04:08 PM Jan 20 2008 |




i'am a stocks manager and i want to get a job in holding or in international company


07:49 PM Nov 05 2008 |