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Ambivalent. Doubtful. Dilemma. Quandary. Confused. Troubled. Abashed. ...


These words are all referring to one thing: Confusion.


Have you experienced being ambivalent of something? Doubtful that you may not do something you have to? Have you been thrown into a state of dilemma wherein you have to choose between right and easy things? Have you been in a sate of quandary thinking of what to choose between the things you like and the things you should have done? Are confused of what you feel right now? IS there something that troubles your mind so much? Are you abashed by some means wherein you can't sleep well?


Those are just few questions we've been asking to ourselves. We often find ourselves being in a state of confusion and we can't fight it over. Hence, there are some who just committed suicide just to get rid of the problems. There are some who just take illegal drugs just to erase the bad memories on their minds. Nonetheless, there are still praying and doing good things just to solve the enigma of life.


Well, I am one of those who constantly pray for the answers and keep on moving just to be happy and contented. I was once a confused individual who always ask myself regarding the things I perceive that I felt to be odd. I tend to focus my attention on my problems instead of any other things. I experienced being loathed, I experienced being fooled and I experienced being pushed away. Nevertheless, I keep on moving. From that point then I learned to stand. I learned to push through even though there are some who keep on pulling me down. I thank GOD so much that he never leaves me. I also thank my parents and my friends who are always there to strengthen me. Now I can say that I can erase "Ambivalent. Doubtful. Dilemma. Quandary. Confused. Troubled. Abashed." on my vocabulary because I believe that those things won't exist on me anymore. Whatever it is that would confuse me, I promise myself to answer it and to solve it as soon as possible. I don't want to live in a way wherein problems, confusion, enigma and chaos surround me. Life is too short, we can't measure our stay here in earth so before my time runs out I am going to live everyday to its fullest just enjoy life. I can move on with a smile telling the world that I am invincible! Problems may block my way, still, I can move because I prepare myself to every difficulties that may come. GOD, family, friends, my dignity and integrity are my best weapons against all odds…

Now, I am happy with my life compare before. I can tell now that my life is full of color. Although problems keep on coming, I still am happy because it only means that I have the capacity to solve it!


—->Can you tell me now about your life? Story?


05:00 PM Jan 20 2008 |

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And by the way, the adverb of peace is "PEACEFULLY"...

01:16 PM Jan 22 2008 |