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what is your phobia(s) if you have?


zeus2006Super Member!


Hi friends,

I wanted to share this topic with you. Do you have any phobias? Is there anyone who get rid of it? If you got rid of it How did you accomplish it? Would you please share your experiences about phobia with us?

Mine was not to use elevator. Once I was in the elevator alone and it was out of order between two floors, after 15 minutes someone could help me. After that I couldn't use it, I always climbed 10-12 floors or didn't go any high buildings or skyscrapers. But to survive like that was not comfortable and I decided to get over my phobia. First time I couldn't accomplish but second time I could use it just for first floor than I did. Now I don't have it… Actually it was in past. Just we talked about this topic with our friends and I wanted to write this topic here, too. 

Be happy and Healthy forever :) Zeus  

09:39 PM Oct 27 2008 |

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my phobia is connected with spiders- I hate them, they are so ugly! I can tolerate a mouse, a rat and every other worms but not spiders. When I see them I shout, cry and run away

10:24 PM Oct 29 2008 |




I agree! Mice and rats are okay, but spiders are just…ew.

10:32 PM Oct 29 2008 |