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Life Talk!

talk about ten things u want in ur life

Fly fish

Fly fish


sometimes i think i need a lot of things during mylife.  i want families, friends, love, money, laptop computer,digital camera, a car, a study room, a apartment.     heeheh ten things i want.

so what do u want in ur life?(just say it out in ur frist mind. also u can change it after few days later and come here write it down. then u will find ur life change.) we are all here to enjoy our life.



08:31 AM Apr 12 2009 |

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1.to be healthy enought

2.to have money for basic stuff

3.to find boyfriend of my life

4.to take school leaving examination succesfuly

5.after finish school i wanna meet with my classmates as often as is possible

6.people who i like to be happy and without problems

7.others people to start use their brain and not only regret themselves

8.to stay certain time abroad

9.to go to Egypt for a holiday and see there pyramids


02:37 PM May 01 2009 |




1to travel around the world

2 the people l care will always be happy and healthy

3my own country will be prosperous as time goes by

4to get my true love!

5to always find the world does really have hope

6to overcome all the difficulties in my life

7to get enough money to buy myself an ice cream shop!

8l can read all kinds of books from the world

9learn how to play piano and erhu .or Chinese zither.

10Van Der Sar will be one of my  friends~!

03:13 PM May 01 2009 |

H Lee

H Lee


1) to be healthy enogh

2)have a happy family

3) have a lot of friends from everywhere in the world

4)to be a graduate student to learn more knowledges

5)to travel a first over sea country

6)to fly in the sky (by plane)

7)to roam in the outer space

8)to be a reputable engineer in my work area

9)to issue one book about my major

10)to meet a pretty girl(over sea)


... ...

03:26 AM May 03 2009 |



good healthy

best wishes for my family and my friends

enjoy life with my BF

perfect love

own house

have a excellent english


have a nice day

yoga with me every day

perfect body



03:40 AM May 03 2009 |



many houses around the world, and a happy family.

03:50 AM May 03 2009 |




1. to meet ZAC EFRON

2. to be rich

3. to be independent

4 to go in USA, and other European countries

5. to change the attitude of my mother(hehe)

6. to learn other languages

7. to be famous around the world

8. to be an actress

9. no one will going to hurt me expecially other people who is jealous about me..

10. i want to cure my diabetis.. in order me to live free..

02:03 PM May 03 2009 |

eva olsovska


1. to be healthy enough

2. to have life without problems

3. to take school living examination sucessfully

4. to find a man of my life

5. to have a lot of money

6. to have my own large family

7. to find a suitable job

8. to go to Australia and see kangaroos

9. to see my classmates after school as often as is possible

10. to have a happy life !!

12:32 PM May 04 2009 |



Russian Federation

1. Health for all my relatives, friends and me as well..

2. To learn the languages I want (swedish, portuguese, spanish etc..)

3. To spend a beautiful vacation on the Caribbean with my the only one..

4. To buy my dream wedding dress..

5. To live in my own house which I would decorate by myself..

6. To find an interesting job, to which I would go with a smile and not with the words "damn, again"..

7. To be able to give my future kids a good education..

8. To be able to travel enough (norwegian fjords, islandic geysers, hawaiian volcano, Italy, India, Japan, Czech republic, Greece etc..)

9. To plant a jasmine tree in my future garden..

10. To be a lovely wife and a caring mother :) 

01:35 PM May 04 2009 |

Fly fish

Fly fish


Mexico it seems very simply. you know sometimes its difficult to get it.  Best wishes for you.

08:29 AM May 11 2009 |



1. because iam a student from a high school.. i want a schoolarship

2. get a good job.. and make it worth

3. love life

4. super mom.. lol

5. wonderful and happy childern

6. some money to complete my life

7. make my parents happy and proud

8. social worker..

9. be good

10. last, worh my life

01:13 PM May 11 2009 |