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What do you do if you discover that your best friend doesn't tell you everything?




Normally,there isn't things to hide between friends cause you are supposed to share everything

so,what would you do if you discover that your best friend doesn't tell you everything?

06:06 PM Apr 16 2009 |

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I think everyone has right to hid their scerets.But when you feel terrible and want to release your tension ,you had better tell someone you believed.

I always share my feeling ,moods and something happened in the nearly period of my life with my best friends and some classmates.They also could give me a well advice on how to deal with.

Most important is the one you chosed to share,because no all the people arround you could share your screrts.Someone even would tell your secretes to others who you don not want to tell.So I think it is important to choice a reliable man or woman to share your feeling.

After that ,you will feel happy and take it easy.Because share is way that could release your tension and  you could also make friends with others.

02:51 AM Apr 23 2009 |



United Arab Emirates

i'll do nothing coz they don't tell me every thing



04:15 AM Apr 23 2009 |



Don not too passive,trying to openyourself to your frients .I think happy will arround you forever  .

                                                                                                        Best wishes!

04:36 AM Apr 23 2009 |



I also think it is normal thing. because everyone have some personal things and maybe smetime it is good to each other. so even when the best firend is not willing to tell something,dont be feel anything,just be friendly. 

05:25 AM Apr 23 2009 |



of crouse friends shoud share their thoughts and feelings with each other, but everybody have their little secrets, you can't just make he or she tells you everything. i think if there is a right time that he or she wants to tell, they will let you know. there's absolutely no need to worry about that. just take it easy.Smile

05:49 AM Apr 23 2009 |



Everyone should have his/her space.

06:39 AM Apr 23 2009 |