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would you still believe?



Just for a moment, entertain the possibility that scientists could disprove a particular religious beleif. 


IF scientists disproved your religious belief, would you still continue to beleive, despite the scientific evidence against it?  

06:15 PM Aug 28 2009 |

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Let your brain work, and bring me an evidence which says Islam is wrong.  I will turn to your atheism  shit then.  By the way, I have never seen someone proving that atheism is right. So why do you believe it?


Thank you, Memo, for answering the question. If Islam was proven wrong, you would stop believing.


As far as 'proving' atheism, no one has done it, or tired, because there is no assertion to prove or disprove.  I don't "believe" in atheism. Rather, as an atheist, I DO NOT believe in gods. I you can prove that my lack of belief is somehow unreal (for example, I really DO believe in one or many gods, but I am insane or otherwise not able to know what I believe in or not) then I will be happy to stop not believing in gods. 



02:02 AM Oct 25 2009 |