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Sex befor marriage




Whether is it  possible to have sex before marriage? Is it right or no?Whether is it  possible to have sex before marriage?

01:21 AM Oct 17 2007 |

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No strings attached and you want to play the guitar..??,how's the sound it will be…!?.


At that stage,i think..we just can talk about it.. but we can't touch or even to played it….so..,get some string attached..,get merried first…Sounds good?..yes it is…Smile

12:13 AM Dec 26 2008 |



thank my dear, i love your courage , we will have it , as many as you need it , even with me , i will like to get marry to your kind of person



06:26 PM Jun 15 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

well.. here .it's definitely after getting married because you know how things work in saudi arabia and from my point of view it's better to make love or have sex as many of the members preferred to call it, after getting married. i don't wanna wear condoms while having it.. that's just lame.

09:26 PM Jun 15 2009 |



Syrian Arab Republic

it's no big broblem about kiss's , but no sex befor marriage  it's a sin & if we make sex befor marriage what is the new thing after wedding????

09:52 PM Sep 03 2010 |




shardzoo good comment i agree with u

i think that sex must be after marriage 

if this happen without marriage so what the difference between humans and animals

and if the sex become before marriage the marriage possibilty will be weak

and i cant imagine how someone would marry agirl that was with other men

.sex before marriage  reduce the respect of women

and over all of that it is banned in my religion islam 

04:57 PM Sep 05 2011 |