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Do you belive god ? why /why not




some people belive god.but they dont know why  they belive and some people dont belive bunt they dont explain this…. so lets talk about god ! do you belive god why /why not

12:18 AM Nov 22 2007 |

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I am not a very religious person..but i do believe in God. There are different religions and beliefs and i respect each of them…its their choices. I may not see God.. but to think of what life we have..everything we see…in this world…haven't you thought where all these things came from? an egg can not be without the hen, birds, and so forth…child can not be without the mother, have you not thought of these planets not colliding with each other?  stars , moon , the sun, isn't it wonderful to think how these things were brought here? It is really amazing. Well it just came to my mind that there is one who is responsible for these wonderul, beautiful things around us including  "YOU"..and who might it be?

01:36 PM Nov 22 2007 |



You  can say i  belive god or you can say i don't belive god! Because when i have hard problem that i want to  god help me in the frist. So you can say i belive god.But sometime you can say i belive god ,because imyself don't belive god ,too.I think peploe belive have god is because their mind.

01:56 PM Nov 22 2007 |