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on so many levels?



South Korea

Hi again~

I desperately need you to help me out about this…T_T

Everytime I watch some drama in English, I am curious about this phrase.

Because, it appears so many time on the Shows.

Here's the thing.


"It works on so many levels"

"This sucks on so many levels"

"This is so unexpected on so many levels"


I can guess what it means quite blurrily, but I can't catch it clearly.


Could you explain this for me by using the ways I didn't go through?

10:57 AM Jan 09 2009 |

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Teacher AmySuper Member!

United States

Great question! Basically, "on so many levels" is an expression meaning "in so many ways." For example, if my boyfriend breaks up with me for my best friend, I might say, "I'm so upset on so many levels." I'm upset because 1) my boyfriend broke up with me; 2) my friend betrayed me; 3) I lost both my boyfriend and my best friend. 


Hope that helps!Smile


08:41 PM Jan 09 2009 |



South Korea


The way of your explanation is amazing!

You are such a fabulous teacher I think

Thank you for helping me~

I've been satisfied on so many levels here^^

04:22 PM Jan 10 2009 |

Teacher AmySuper Member!

United States

That's great! Smile I'm glad my answer was helpful to you. Keep your questions coming!

11:10 PM Jan 12 2009 |