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1) From the top of empire state building tourist are able to __

a) to see clear New York b) to clearly see New York c) to see clearly New York d) to see New Yoork clearly.

2) The lab has a _ of equipments.

a) large number b) a large amount of c) a few amount of d) none of these.

 Choose the correct sentence:

1) Let him and you be witness 2) Let you and him be witness 3) Let you and he be witness 4) Let you and he be witness 5) Both 2 and 3

Best regards,


06:18 PM Jul 03 2015 |

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Teacher AmySuper Member!

United States

#1 From the top of the Empire State Building, tourists are able to clearly see New York or see New York clearly. Both are correct.

#2 The lab has a large amount of equipment. However, there should not be an s on equipment, as in your example sentence, as it is a collective noun.

As for your last question, I don’t know! They are all strange sentences that no one would likely say. If I had to choose, I would pick #2.



06:18 PM Jul 04 2015 |




Thank you Teacher Amy.

12:00 PM Jul 05 2015 |