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Russian Federation

Dear Teachers,

Would you give me please some more examples with new for me word – tackle? I would like to be sure I understand and use it in correct way.

Thank you.

04:21 AM Sep 26 2015 |

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Teacher AmySuper Member!

United States

Hi there,

It depends on the context. Tackle is a verb that means a couple different things.

In sports (especially American Football) it means to jump at someone and bring them to the ground.

Ex: “The defender tackled the man with the ball.”

Otherwise, it means to try to do something difficult.

Ex: “Do you want to try to tackle this homework assignement?” Or, “Let’s tackle the dishes.”

Hope that helps.



08:31 PM Sep 27 2015 |


Russian Federation

Amy, thank you very much! Now it’s clear!

08:46 PM Sep 27 2015 |