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Hong Kong

I have been thinking about a word which I have forgotten. The word simply means that a team underestimate an opponent. A team is treated the opponent obliviously because it ranks much lower.

03:16 AM Jun 13 2016 |

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Teacher AmySuper Member!

United States

Hi Ay1234,

This is a fantastic vocabulary question!

There are several synonyms you could use for “underestimate an opponent.” Perhaps, you’re thinking of one of these words?


underdog = person or team that other people think is not good enough to win

dark horse = unexpected winner


write off = assume a person / team won’t win

disparage = describe something as weak or bad


cocky = overconfident in success

presumptuous = arrogantly assuming something without knowing all the facts

I hope one of these words is the word you’re thinking of!



08:16 PM Jun 13 2016 |