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meanig of the expression "super digital "



Hi, I don’t understend good the meaning of  the sentence from the lesson “Blow one’s mind” :

“are your friends all good with, just, super digital…” What does “super digital” mean here?

Best regards


08:59 AM Aug 09 2016 |

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Teacher AmySuper Member!

United States

Hi Ewa,

This is a good question!

Here’s the original dialog from “Digital Detox”-

Gary:  OK. Do you know anyone else who can offer some cool ideas, or are your friends all good with, just, super digital…
Dominique:  My friends are all online.

There’s a word missing at the end of Gary’s question. Dominique started talking before he finished speaking. Maybe Gary wanted to say “super digital lives.” In this phrase, “super” means “very.” 

Because Gary was talking with someone he knows well, Gary used a lot of slang. In regular English, the phrase “are your friends all good with, just, super digital…” is “are your friends comfortable with very digital (lives)?” Meaning, do your friends spend all their time on computers, and do they think it’s okay to live that way?

I hope this helps!



04:54 PM Aug 09 2016 |