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esthersitakaeSuper Member!


what does the typical mean in the dialogue of jump the gun?

12:21 AM Aug 23 2017 |

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Teacher AmySuper Member!

United States


This is a great question! We were hoping someone would ask this. :)

The way Andy uses “typical” in this dialog is similar to slang. It’s an expression meaning, “This is a typical situation. This is what normally happens in this situation.”

Because Andy works with so many women, he doesn’t always understand why they do certain things. For example, Kelsey and Jordin hang up their phones before Andy is finished talking. This is rude, but sometimes good friends do this. Jordin and Kelsey hang up on Andy a lot, so he thinks this is typical behavior. When he says, “Typical,” he is just a little bit angry because he wanted to keep talking. 

I hope this helps!



10:08 PM Aug 23 2017 |