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questions about a long sentence

attonieSuper Member!

United States

“The knowledge used to instruct people differs from the knowledge used in this book”  

 Is it grammatically right ? and Is it easy to understand ?

11:35 AM Dec 09 2017 |

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Teacher AmySuper Member!

United States


Yes! This is actually a very simple subject-verb-object sentence. However, the subject and object are clauses, so the sentence looks more difficult than it is. 

Subject = the knowledge used to instruct people

Verb = differs from

Object = the knowledge used in this book

My understanding is: There is information that is used to teach people. There is information in this book. The two types of information are different. 

As long as my understanding is correct, you did a good job communicating! :) 



09:14 PM Dec 11 2017 |