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Ebaby! Cast
  • Jason


    Jason is a vegetarian who likes to dress like a cowboy. When he's not traveling to Turkey or China for English, baby!, Jason leads and directs the Ebaby! cast. He also finds time to write newspaper articles and perform in the Metal Shakespeare Company.

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  • Mason


    One of the original cast members, Mason has helped Ebaby! grow over the last few years. He works in advertising, loves comic books, and is responsible for most of the fancy camera work you see in the lesson videos.

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  • Devan


    Devan is a journalism student at Portland State University, but she's already written for her local newspaper and the Portland Trail Blazers' website. She's left handed and once entered a rap battle when she was 15. She didn't win.

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  • Marni


    Marni is another founding member of the Ebaby! cast. She's a teacher with a passion for current events. Any Ebaby! lessons about a political or social issues are likely Marni's idea.

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  • Beren


    You can catch Beren on tour playing drums in the Intelligence. She also has a film degree from the Evergreen State College. Though rock music is her passion, Beren has a special place in her heart for pop and hip hop, the shallower the better.

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  • Dale


    You might recognize Dale from his former TV show, Celebrity Single. Dale is a well known television actor in the Philippines. He currently resides in the US where he grew up.

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  • Ella


    Ella hails from Thailand and her real name is Ame, which is short for America. She sometimes goes by Packy. When she's not walking the runway to model the latest clothes, she acts in music videos and commercials. Ame also works as a nurse and is a freelance journalist. Oh, and she's double jointed and can pinch people with her toes.

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