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Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal verbs include a verb + a preposition or adverb that changes the original meaning of the verb. For example, a lot of phrasal verbs use the preposition “out.” Examples include break out (get away from), hand out (give to people), and, of course, make out (kiss a lot).

Some phrasal verbs are non-separable, meaning the preposition must directly follow the verb. For instance, you can say "I dropped by the bar," but not "I dropped the bar by" because drop by is non-separable.

On the other hand, drop off is separable. You can say, "I have to drop off my son at school," or, "I have to drop my son off at school."

Phrasal Verbs Grammar Quiz

  1. In class, the teacher the law: English only!

  2. He a real sweetheart when he knows someone is watching him.

  3. Did Sam just the cute redhead at the bar?

  4. It's been so long since we last with each other.

  5. My new job pays me to fliers at the subway.

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I thigk an other phrasal verb is "break down".

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