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Present Perfect Progressive

We form the present perfect progressive (sometimes called the "present perfect continuous") with have/has been + main verb + ing. We use this tense to talk about an on-going action that began in the past, is still in progress, and may continue into the future.

For example, you might say, "I have been thinking about getting a new car for weeks." You first thought of getting a new car weeks ago, you're currently thinking of getting one, and unless you buy one or decide not to buy one right now, you'll continue thinking about it.

Present Perfect Progressive Grammar Quiz

  1. Have you thinking about moving for a long time now?

  2. Thomas has been silently about asking her out for a week and a half.

  3. Marianne been studying English for seven years now.

  4. I have been to buy those shoes in the shop window for a month.

  5. What have you been lately?

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My dad has been thinking about getting a new car for weeks.

09:20 AM Aug 12 2010 |



 I've been  learning English for more than 2 years. I was tying to speak English with my teacher all the time.

02:11 AM Aug 04 2010 |



I always been thinking of improving my english speech

08:00 AM Jul 22 2010 |

Holmes nash phil


When we talk about this tense used to talk about on-going action that began in the past and is stil on process and my continue into the future. Example usin have+main verb+ing.

03:43 AM Jul 08 2010 |



I have been looking for a job for 6 months.

08:23 PM May 10 2010 |




let me explain for u

Present perfect is a tense to talk about close past something u recently did like I have sent the message" or when u at an exam and tell the teacher " I have finished"

but present perfect continuous is to talk about far past like " I have been thinking whether or not to send her a message" it takes more time which is progressive.

I hope u get the point.

06:12 PM May 05 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

I am confusing between Present Perfect Countiuous and Present Perfect Tense.

can you Explain to me easially?

my understanding, Present Perfect Tense is used while you are talking about acts in the past and will be continuoued until the future. But Present Perfect Contiuous Tense is used to talk about act starts in the past and will be completed at the time of speaking or in the near future.

this is my understanding, can any one correct me if i did any mistake ?

With Best Regards,

05:08 AM May 02 2010 |




i have been thinking to speak english well


04:19 PM Apr 30 2010 |

shiela b. abundo


i have been searching for my father since i was a child…

05:53 AM Apr 28 2010 |




02:46 AM Apr 01 2010 |