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Present Progressive Tense

The present progressive tense (also sometimes called the "present continuous") is formed with the present tense of the verb to be + a main verb + -ing, as in, "He is constantly calling me," or "The neighbors are playing their music really loudly."

To make a question in the present progressive tense, use the form to be + subject + main verb + -ing, as in, "Is she coming to the party," or "Are they feeling OK?"

We use the present progressive tense to 1) describe an action that’s continually repeated, 2) talk about an on-going action that’s happening right now, or 3) talk about an event in the near future.

Words like "always," "constantly," or "continuously" are often used with the present progressive to describe actions that are repeated, while phrases like "right now" or "at the moment" often indicate that an action is currently in progress.

Present Progressive Tense Grammar Quiz

  1. She is constantly karaoke, every chance we get.

  2. I am right now, I can't talk.

  3. the fish thriving in the filthy tank?

  4. The kids dancing to electronica these days.

  5. We aren't to Rome this summer.

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