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Second Conditional Progressive

The second conditional progressive expresses an unfinished or continuing action or situation, which is the probable result of an unreal condition. This form is composed of two elements: the present conditional of the verb "to be" (would be) + the present participle of the main verb.

For example, "I would be working in Italy if I spoke Italian." But I don't speak Italian, so I'm not working in Italy. Or "She would be living with Jack if she weren't living with her parents." But she is living with her parents, so she's not living with Jack.

To form the negative, change would to wouldn't or would not. For example, "I wouldn't be eating this if I wasn't extremely hungry." But I am hungry, so I am eating this. Or "You wouldn't be smiling if you knew what happened." But you are smiling, so you don't know what happened.

Second Conditional Progressive Grammar Quiz

  1. I living on my own if I had more money.

  2. If Rex had a job, he spending less time at home.

  3. If Chris more people, she would be happier.

  4. If we more money, we would be spending it on stupid things.

  5. I a vacation if I could afford it.

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Ngubo Sixtus

South Africa

lovely lesson

01:26 PM Sep 25 2012 |

Heer Qureshi


If I had a test of English Language ,I would be learning my test.

06:16 PM Aug 03 2012 |

Heer Qureshi


If I had more work ,I would not be doing your work.

06:13 PM Aug 03 2012 |



If I had learned more English I would  be an English teacher.

08:55 AM Jun 18 2012 |

cheer manal


if i passed the exam i would be making a party.

04:09 PM Feb 11 2012 |



If i were a bird, I’d like to be a seagul.

11:25 PM Feb 04 2012 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

 if I were you I dont know what will happened

 I would be working in another work but I cant because of the bad conditions

04:38 PM Nov 16 2011 |



If U were ME, you would have thanked God .   :)

07:06 PM Nov 01 2011 |


Saudi Arabia

i would be talking with her if ihad meet her in a party

02:16 PM Sep 11 2011 |



if i were you, i would cry      hahahhaa



04:51 PM Aug 19 2010 |