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June 17, 2010




I know most of you find it really hard to wake up early in the morning and to go to school.What's even worse is if your first class happens to be a boring one. A class wouldn't be boring if the teacher himself isn't. In my case, I'm a college student and I'm stuck in the most boring class I've ever been. My professor is an old woman with flabby arms. She is soft-spoken and for me, she looks like a fish. She has big eyes and wide lips and I really hate her. Not because of how she looks but because of the way she teaches us. 


Yeah recitations are good. Not only it can keep the class alert but it can also help improve our class standing. But with her, recitations seem to have no effect in us. She practically asks us questions non-stop. I mean, it's like, she asks five questions every minute. I exaggerated that a bit but it's almost like that. And i really hate it whenever she has follow-up questions. She only accepts DETAILED answers. That means, we really have to elaborate and explain our answers. I know it's the right thing. But does she really have to do that every minute? Our hearts gonna pop out if she will not stop doing it. Oral recitations are making me sick. I just really wish that I can see right into her mind so I'd know the exact answers right away. 


March 2, 2010



Hey. Well, this is my first blog in Ebaby. I've been blogging for a year now so i think i have an experience in this thing. I admit that I'm not good in speaking or in writing english. But i always do my best to improve it. That's why i'm here. I wanna keep up with my classmates who are all so good in this language. All I need is to expand my vocabulary. 

Hmm.. what should I write in here? Oh well. I'll just give you a brief introduction about myself.

Hi, I am Ava (That's my screen name). I'm not your average type of girl. I'm not someone who lingers in a corner like a total loser. I have a couple of real friends in college. I've sung a lot of times in our school and danced with my dance troupe. I love writing stories and listening to music. I'm not saying that i'm popular in college but i think i'm starting to be known for my singing abilities. It's something that i'm proud of, you know. I'm a huge fan of Taylor Swift and SNSD. I'd do anything just to meet them. I am a piscean and i'm overly sensitive. I'm creative and i love freestyle drawing. I am not a party girl and I do not do that table hoppin' thing in clubs. Well, that's because I don't go to clubs (Haha). Yeah i know i'm pretty boring for some people, But hey, that's me. I don't wanna change who I am right now. I love myself and no one else can control me except my parents and God. 

So there. Basically, that's me.

Hi there, thanks for dropping by. 

04:16 AM Mar 02 2010

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hello kris. i am like you too. i cant speck english very good. but i want to be better! we can help toghether.

can you add me on yahoo messenger for chat?!


gorbeye_esfand_65      this is my yahoo id. i am wating for you.