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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

September 17, 2013

Hello My friend

My name is Maryam, but you can call me Mary. I'm from Iran. I'm going to learn English very well, I know it's very easy, but I am a little lazy. Sometimes, I read my lessons and sometimes I miss my lessons. so It's very consuming for me. I hope you aren't like me.So I joined this online lesson, maybe I'll be responsible.

well, my blog is about  the world of words, because whenever I write an email , I should face with them. I have some mistake with my spelling and so Words are one of my worried. I hope I have had a little mistake on this post.

And another my favorite habit , is book. I like books. They are my best friend and they helped and help me a lot.

well, I think it is enough for today.  I should start today's lesson.

Thank you for reading this post

Mary Tinat

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