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United States

April 20, 2009

today is the national weed smoking day foreal everybody if you smoke then blow down and get high cause thats what ill be doing right after school

09:49 AM Apr 20 2009


Russian Federation

yay 420;P smoking holiday=D lol

i dont smoke though hehe

omg u smoke marijuana

March 30, 2009

I love being myself and not acting like someone im not but it doesnt matter who you are or what you are you dont have to be somebody your not for people to like you or be your friend and the way i think about it is if im not good enough  being myself then FUCK YOU becaus im not changing for any thing i have so many friends and all of them know me as me and they would never want me to change and if you want to talk to me just be your self i dont like putting people down or i dont like seeing someone pick on someone cause they are different or something ill be that guy beating that persons ass for picking on them lol ........... but hit me up with a message or sumthing

08:30 AM Mar 30 2009


are you ok? be happier :)

Be yourself!!! i very agree that!!

anybody  is unique !!

though many positive or nagitive  things will

affect   you   around  you , but  never forget

in the last ,you'r the last man who really realizes

yourself!! :D



March 27, 2009

evryone i just want everyone to spend some time listening to some houston rap i mean pimpc, chalie boy, spm, trae, paul wall, lil flip, chamillionaire, scarface, fat pat, ZRO and there is lots more but they are all good rappers and my fave is chalie boy he can wreck the mic like nobody else but he mostly freestyles and me and all my friends like to chill spit game when we are partying or something .