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January 25, 2008

The Small Bitch:

 The girl who is making sex to get money is termed a Small Bitch, but she is doing this because she needs money to LIVE or even to EAT or her parents are ill and old and she needs to take care of them, or maybe she wants money to learn.  But she doesn't like what she does. And if she got a chance to leave that Job, she would leave it. And there is a big chance for her to be a good girl in life. 

The Real Bitch:

But the girl who is making sex with anyone she likes anytime NOT FOR MONEY, even if she has fell in love with someone with a strong relationship or maybe she is already married or she has a boyfriend. And she is still making sex with anyone she likes, she is termed the THE REAL BITCH. And that girl will never be a good girl. Because the sex is her world best and she will never love any one in life at all.

07:35 AM Apr 24 2009



I agree with you.

05:50 PM Feb 01 2008




this is a good blog,hehe